• Advanced Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver

SSI Advanced Open Water Diver is the next step on the path to becoming a SSI Master Diver.  Once you have completed four SSI Specialty programs, as well as 24 total logged dives, you will be awarded the SSI Advanced Open Water Diver rating.

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In Advanced Open Water Course we have put together 4 specialty classes that will help you become a better diver.

Have you notice how our NADCO instructors effortlessly glide through the water and use very little air from their tanks?

How do they do it? Answer Buoyancy and Trim. 

Perfect Buoyancy: Buoyancy and trim are the key to becoming an amazing diver.  Learning how to make adjustments to weight placement can help change your body angle "trim".  With the right trim you will be able to glide through the water with easy.  The easier it is to swim the less air you breath wich inturn give you more time in the underwater world.



  • 4 Specialty classes (Deep, Equipment Techniques, Science of Diving, Perfect Buoyancy) training, and educational materials.



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